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School archaeology

      Identifying artefacts in class   What could it be?   What items would you be likely to find in soil in Scotland? Puppets made to illustrate the All Hallows story FIELD WORK AT THE SITE   Gravestone Bingo!     Learning about how to dig in a trench


Photography and gravestone recording

Background Part of the All Hallows project involved obtaining an accurate photographic record of all gravestones at the site. In November 2016 the group started tidying up the site in preparation for the Archaeological project. There were 86 visible gravestones. Since then a further three gravestones at the North end of the main wall were discovered. Of the 89 gravestones now visible; 6 were unidentified, 3 were too faint to read, 7 record only the initials of the deceased and 2 were only fragments of gravestones. 71 gravestones had their inscriptions transcribed. Gravestones at All Hallows.   Conservation methods were