In 2017 the group commissioned Spectrum Heritage to create a virtual 3D reconstruction of the church at All Hallows.  Using historical documentation such as plans and photographs, Spectrum brought the beautiful church back to life.   Click the link below to find our more about this fascinating part of the project:

Spectrum Heritage All Hallows Blog

**In June 2019 Spectrum Heritage updated the model and included the stained glass windows, the model can be viewed below**

View the stunning model here:

2017 model:


Spectrum have also created these 3D models of grave slabs which came from the All Hallows site and are currently situated at Inchinnan Parish Church

Recumbent grave slab estimated to be from the 10-12th century.

Cross-shaft fragment. Late 9th-11th century.

Recumbent cross-slab or shrine cover.  Late 9th-11th century.

Work has also been completed by Spectrum Heritage on the ten gravestones situated at the back entrance of Inchinnan Parish Church They were also moved from the All Hallows site in the 1960s. The stones with the ridged tops may have been Knights Templar stones. The decoration on the stones is worn, but some carved swords, tools and decorative lines are still visible.