photo by Campbell Craig

The Rose Window - interior view in original position at All Hallows

There is no Watercolour design drawing for this window.

Position: All Hallows: West side

Historical Background

Donated by: Archibald Douglas Campbell, 1st Baron Blythswood
Date: Ordered 26 July 1903
Style: Rose Window
Designer: Unknown
Maker: James Powell and Sons

Biblical Text: “I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the ending, saith the Lord, which is, and was, and which is to come, the Almighty.”
Revelations 1:8

This window is stunning and possibly unique. It was designed to be in the back wall of the church facing west to catch the reddish rays of the setting sun. The local landowner, Lord Blythswood, who built the church said, at the opening of All Hallows Church in July 1904, that the west window was a symbol of the Land of Promise. He thought that it was a fitting thought that, as the sun rose in the east and set in the west so also the Land of our Eternal Hope should lie to the west also. The idea had been conveyed to him by the Bishop of London who, when he preached Queen Victoria’s funeral sermon, said that there was a perfect rainbow which he likened unto the virtue of a good life and though we were not able, in this life, to keep our rainbows perfect we would have them given back to us in the Land that is to be. Queen Victoria was a friend of Lord Blythswood and she had stayed at Blythswood House, his mansion, which was very close to the church.

In the transfer to Inchinnan Parish Church the window was installed in the back of the church which faces north so it does not receive the rays of the setting sun but it still is an amazing sight. Lord Blythswood said it represented,
“All the Holy Angels stand around thy throne, O God. In the centre are the mystic symbols of the Most High God and the All-seeing Eye and all around the window in a glorious range of the colours of the rainbow are masses of tiny angel heads. He said This window must remain the crown and completion the _____ of all the windows in the church, as summing up God, Nature, Heaven and Earth, Time and Eternity.”
The beauty of this window defies description with its glorious colours and the beauty of each tiny angel face. The order to James Powell and Sons for it is minimal. The emblem in centre, double triangle with rays, cherub heads in rich colour Is connected with the very strong connection with Freemasonry . Estimated cost £225.

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